As a result of the letter Cllr Finneran sent below she received a telephone call, today from a Savills representative, and the key points are:

1. Savills are unable to place bins outside of the shops due to the width of some of the pavement areas. However Savills have committed to ask the individual shops to place bins inside their stores that members of the public will be able to use

2. Savills will be looking at the security of the site and the possibility of installing a CCTV system

3. The bags of donations outside of the charity shops have been moved

If there is anything else your local Labour team can help you with please get in touch #makingthingshappen

Cllr Finneran has written this letter after residents reached out to her to express concerns with regards to our shopping area. We hope that this leads to some swift action from the company responsible for the upkeep of the Halewood Shopping Centre and our residents once again, have the shopping area they deserve.

Update : Action over Halewood Shopping Centre